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Creative Bubbles is a producer of homemade scented soaps that include skin moisturizers. Based out of Quincy, Pennsylvania, we utilize all natural ingredients that are proven to be healthy and never use harsh chemicals. Our process enables our clients to enjoy clean skin without having to look at a complicated ingredients list. We enjoy helping those with dry skin find a soap that helps obtain relief and stay moisturized. Every bar or bottle we offer can be customized to fit our customer's preference.

Liquid Soap

Make your next time at the sink a joy with an all natural soap product designed to moisturize while it cleanses. Made with normal, natural ingredients, you can be confident that every bottle we offer will help your skin look and feel its best.

Liquid Soap

Bars of Soap

Having the right variety of bar soaps isn't just a great way to keep you moisturized and smelling great, they also are fun to have on display. Each bar is made with your choice of scents and colors, creating a soap that fits your kitchen or bath design.

Bars of Soap

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